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I'm Joker and this is my tumblr. I'm a 30 year old, single, Female, Gemini. I'm a bit of a sarcastic-pessimist but I'm one in the nicest way possible?

I'm an artist. (Favored Mediums are digital tablet and photography with my Nikon D90).

I'm a fan of a few things and you'd find them in my tumblr (Supernatural, Harry Potter, Monster High, Make up.. etc)

Should be noted I am an anti-drug person, and don't appreciate seeing it on my dash


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I have a weakness for sunglasses (glasses in general but sunglasses more) I don’t have many pairs because I wore classes and prescription ones are ass expensive, BUT I’ve recently gotten contacts again and plan on sticking with it so I’m working on sunglasses once more.

I had a favorite pair with a cross on the side but they broke sometime last year.. I just bought the two above from giantvintage.com. I love the style of those, with the vintage frame… the purple I got cause hey.. it’s purple.

So anxious for them to come in, don’t even care if they look bad on me.

Tagged: #sunglasses #giantvintage #vintage #frames #love

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